Sailing Yatchs

Sailing yachts

Sailing (monohull) yachts are most common among those who wish to have affordable sailing holidays or performance sailing. Sizes and costs may vary a lot, depending on length, construction, equipment, area etc.

  • Cabins1-6
  • WC/Showers1-6
  • CockpitRestrained-Spacious
  • KitchenBasic



Usually starting with a minimum of one cabins, depending on the size and the model of the yacht the size of your cabin may vary from a super cozy one to a huge one. If you have issues with small spaces, it is highly recommended that you contact our team for an advice and space analysis.


Definitely functional but in smaller sailing yachts you might find the space too narrow. Yachts of about 32ft have a well thought yet small space offered for such a purpose so usually people will use only the wc part and prefer to use the aft deck shower to wash off the salt.

Some shipyards offer a very comfortable shower inside already from 34ft onwards in newer models yet each yacht model comes with its own idea about it. Depending on the size of the yacht and the layout you may find from one up to six wc on a single monohull so the choice is there!


A well sized and designed cockpit can make a difference. This is the place you will be spending most of your time so make sure, there is enough space for everybody. Easy going groups would settle also with smaller cockpits yet if you love having your space and stretching a bit, a well thought cockpit is a must have.


Usually they are basic but functional. They come with a gas stove enough to support cooking for the amount of people the boat was designed for. Cooking on board can be challenging due to lack of space and restrained fridge(s). However, what is most important is that you do not need to buy too much, you can always buy something for the day in the place you visit and you need to keep it simple. As average yachts have limited water capacity, you might want to save more water to take off the salt after a swim rather than washing dishes. Provisioning in advance can be arranged if you arrive late in the base.

Daily life on-board!!!

Electricity is also limited in average yachts (those who do not have a generator) so you basically count on batteries to charge your phone or any electronic device, to have light and to run pumps and radio. In some countries like Greece, tavern owners are happy to let you charge your devices for free while you dine at their place! Alternatively, you/your skipper, will always keep in mind to charge the batteries with the engine or shore cable when available.

Getting in and out of the yacht is via a gangway. It can vary from a plate of wood to a hydraulic one. Usually the first time you might think it twice before stepping your foot on but don’t worry, soon you will be getting in and out without fear.
Clothes, shoes and luggage storage could be limited if you go with a smaller sized yacht. No reason to worry. We can promise you that all you really need on board is swimwear, a couple of t-shirts, a pair of long trousers and a good jacket. Shoes while sailing would be appropriate and a pair of flip flops is usually the most referred when walking around the seaside villages.

Tip: Always use soft luggage as they are easy to store!

Long showers are something to avoid as most yachts have limited water capacity. A quick salt wash off from the skin is enough to make you feel comfortable and you can bother with hair in the before dinner shower. Avoid bringing with you shampoos that create too much foam and conditioners as they are harder to wash off resulting to extreme use of water.

Instead, there are some pretty cool biodegradable shampoos in the market, some of which even cleaning your hair while you use salt water!

Important note: Remind yourself to drink lots of water while sailing and have often light snacks i.e fruit or salads. You would be amazed on how fast you can get dehydrated!