Motor yachts

Motor boats are a lot faster, count only on their engine(s) which usually comevwith some impressive horse power. Motor yachts, one could say are the epitome of luxuryvas they provide easily non stop A/C to all cabins, generators, water makers, ice makers etc.

When you go for a motor yacht, you need to expect significantly high costs not only for the yacht and/or crew but for the fuel consumption of main engines and generators as well. For the vast majority of fleet operators, motor yachts over 46ft will not be offered without a skipper so bareboat charter and motor yachts is limited by length and consequently horse power.

  • Cabins2-10 and more
  • WC/Showers2-10 and more
  • CockpitExtremely comfortable and can come with multiple decks
  • KitchenSuper comfy and equipped, usually at luxury crewed charter chefs will be preparing the meals.
  • TAGS



They feel like home. They are luxurious and with lots of space to move around, relax, work or store your things. A/C can be running at all times and some of them can have a panoramic view with opening windows or others no view at all or limited view via permanently closed windows.


Consider them comfortable up to 50ft and luxurious from 50ft onwards. In mega yachts you can find even marble baths and huge bathtubs as well as beautiful showers.


The smaller motor yachts can be a bit limiting when you need to walk from aft to bow but they still offer nice sunbathing or lounge spaces. Mega yachts that come with more than two decks have no space limitation and walking around them or changing decks can be a very pleasant thing to do while on the go.


The smaller ones will keep you satisfied as they are equipped like at home and the mega yachts are just a place your chefs attend so the chances are at all times one of the crew will be bringing something from there but you will never need to step your foot in.
Motor yachts vary from simple luxury to scandalous luxury so its simply a matter of budget.