Catamarans (multihull sailing yachts) are undeniably spacious. For those who do not wish to compromise when it comes to a bed or luxury, a catamaran is nowadays maybe the best choise as it provides a lot more space in the same feet as their monohull cousins. However, this
comes usually with a higher price. Still, in some cases you can get a very good deal. Always check our last minute offers! Excellent choice for groups of 4-8.

  • Cabins 3-8
  • WC/Showers2-6
  • CockpitVery spacious
  • KitchenWell equipped, comfortable



Oh, yeah! Space is here. Double beds, enough height and a feeling of hotel when you enter most catamaran models.
Some come with sea view inner windows that gives you a very cool feeling! A/C is consider standard equipment to most catamarans today so you can enjoy your nap even in warmer nights.


In most cases you will find them very comfortable. More budget friendly models offer a shared bathroom for two cabins but a WC/shower per cabin is rather common in catamarans adding on the sense of privacy and comfort.


Usually they offer one spacious aft saloon or aft and bow lounges complimenting the upper deck that is for steering and view. Catamaran cockpit designs aim on space and usually steering wheel and sailing lines are in a separate corner so you can feel like home while others trim the sails!


Chefs come onboard! With at least one fridge and one freezer and a generator (in most models over 42ft) to support your batteries you can store and pretty much cook like at home!
The view while cooking is irresistable and you mind find yourself enjoying it more than usual. With an inside and outside table to gather for the crew you can always chose where to serve and enjoy your meals.
Lots of space is provided from the cupboards to store your provisioning and a usually 4 gas stove oven is there to support your needs. So, love cooking? That’s your yacht.

Daily life on-board!!!

Electricity is also limited in average yachts (those who do not have a generator) so you basically count on batteries to charge your phone or any electronic device, to have light and to run pumps and radio. In some countries like Greece, tavern owners are happy to let you charge your devices for free while you dine at their place! Alternatively, you/your skipper, will always keep in mind to charge the batteries with the engine or shore cable when available.

Getting in and out of the yacht is via a gangway. It can vary from a plate of wood to a hydraulic one. Usually the first time you might think it twice before stepping your foot on but don’t worry, soon you will be getting in and out without fear.
Clothes, shoes and luggage storage could be limited if you go with a smaller sized yacht. No reason to worry. We can promise you that all you really need on board is swimwear, a couple of t-shirts, a pair of long trousers and a good jacket. Shoes while sailing would be appropriate and a pair of flip flops is usually the most referred when walking around the seaside villages.

Tip: Always use soft luggage as they are easy to store!

Long showers are something to avoid as most yachts have limited water capacity. A quick salt wash off from the skin is enough to make you feel comfortable and you can bother with hair in the before dinner shower. Avoid bringing with you shampoos that create too much foam and conditioners as they are harder to wash off resulting to extreme use of water.

Instead, there are some pretty cool biodegradable shampoos in the market, some of which even cleaning your hair while you use salt water!

Important note: Remind yourself to drink lots of water while sailing and have often light snacks i.e fruit or salads. You would be amazed on how fast you can get dehydrated!