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Been there, done that! 

Best EU flag choices for commercial use in Greece in 2020.

My team is ready to navigate you safely.

My team of surveyors, accountants, translators, and lawyers will make sure you will have your Greek charter license in time to run your business this summer in Greece, stress-free!

Register the yacht of your dreams to the best EU flags! We consult with the best for your individual needs. Pleasure or commercial use.

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Until 2021 season begins!

So how do we do this?

Easy, peasy! Check it out here below

It all starts with a simple hello. Once you will contact me either via phone or e-mail, we will set an online meeting to discuss things to give you a general idea. If you are pleased with my answers and you wish me to proceed as your agent we proceed with phase two. 
Once agreed to proceed, I will need you to prepare a delegation allowing me and my team to proceed with the paperwork. I will also need you to send me scanned all the boat's official papers including the bill of sale. 
After I go through your paperwork you will receive an offer for the overall costs as well as information on the expected time for the license to be issued.
When we are ready and agreed to proceed, you will be requested to send a 50% downpayment of my overall fee as well as the expected amount of money that will be needed to pay the requested fees from the state, surveyors, radio telecommunications and everything else that will be needed in your case. The balance payment of my fee will need to be sent the day I confirm the issuing of the license and before I send the original to you. 
Almost there! At this stage, you will receive a briefing regarding where we stand and you will be refunded or requested to settle any outstanding amount that has resulted in the paperwork procedure. 
That's my favorite part! I will contact you in order to arrange the final stage, that is handing you over your license! 

You will need this!

If you do not have a physical address in Greece you cannot open a business. No worries, I 've got you covered!

My team will look for an appropriate and low-cost address for your business. The Greek charter license is valid for three years so upon expiration of the rental contract you may choose to opt-out or renew it in absolute freedom and no questions asked!



In my team, all the people involved are professionals in their field and manage their own business. Any delays that may occur due to a public office, ministry or refusal from a surveyor to provide you with the license due to boat lacking of good condition or equipment cannot affect my part of the job nor can I, nor any of them be held responsible.

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