Ionian Breeze

 Established in Greece in 2009 by two siblings, brought to Germany in 2017 by one of them. Taken to the next level still carries the love and philosophy of them both.

this is our story

Our team grows constantly and consists of people of all origins and philosophies.

I consider each skipper, hostess, deckman, engineer, cleaning personnel, fleet operator, etc as part of the Ionian Breeze team. It’s all of us together, after all, that makes Ionian Breeze strong and your sailing vacation something worth to remember!


On our way to Ithaca!

Ionian Breeze took its first steps into yacht chartering with 2 monohulls and lots of dreams. At the time, we only knew one thing: that it would be a hell of a journey!


Against all odds...

Our year of foundation coincided the beginning of the economic crisis in Greece. Many companies collapsed as the country’s credibility on the worldwide market lost ground at the time. Ionian Breeze, however, was steadily growing in terms of both fleet and good reputation.


It rains opportunities

This year was probably one of the most critical for us. Hundreds of clients, lots of travelling and numerous incredible new partners gave us the impetus to keep on doing what we do best.


Getting bigger

By 2013, we had over 230 monohulls and over 120 catamarans in our fleet of vessels available in Greece. In the same year, Ionian Breeze also entered the crewed charter industry with our official entrance marked by our participation in Moscow Boat Show.


Entered the C/A Family

Ionian Breeze has become the Central Agent for a stunning 20m traditional gullet. On top of that has managed, in collaboration with top charter companies, and exquisite partners to bring the world to you. You can now book your next charter worldwide on-line via Ionian Breeze.


Ionian Breeze goes International

Ionian Breeze has invested more than two months travelling abroad, attending boat shows and B2B events such as Dusseldorf Boat Show and ICE’2015. The new business deals and innovative ideas we came up with, you will enjoy! See you onboard!


We focus on your very special individual needs

Exclusive sailing packages are offered 0n pilot projects from our headquarters base, Preveza – Greece. These projects we believe will manage to provide our guests with unique experience, and memories to last a life time. These promotions were planned through B2B and B2C expos held in Croatia, Sweden, Paris and Miami.


We've changed our base but not our philosophy

Sailing has no borders nor does Ionian Breeze! As the demand for yacht chartering became so big we decided to stop fleet operating in Preveza base and focus on innovative projects and the best customer support we can provide as charter brokers. This coincided with Eirini taking full ownership of the company. Ionian Breeze launched for 2017 the "My Way" project and will be the CA broker of it. Sailing around the world and countries hoping sailing are now easy to do! Find out more here...


The "my way" project succeeded!

Onboard s/y "my way" we sailed non stop for the last year and we will keep doing so for the whole 2019. We left Greece mid-June and arrived at the Canary Islands end of October. In between, we sailed amazing waters, tasted mouth-watering cuisines and interacted with the locals. While we were sailing through the Med discovering new destinations and checking on fleet operators both on the condition of the yachts and the way bases were treating our guests, our charter department was making sure each and every one of you will have a smooth and secure yacht charter experience. 2018 has blessed us with unique experiences, great insights and business growth in terms of reservations, fleets and destinations upgrades.


What an amazing year!

Sailing, sailing, and more sailing onboard "my way" brought us to places of great beauty, introduced us to different waters, cultures, and cuisines and of course gave us the chance to actually on the spot check the yachts of our partners who fleet operate for us as well as the local conditions. We sailed with "my way" in total in about a year and a half more than 10.000 nm back and forth and enjoyed the waters of Italy, France, Spain, Morocco and extensively the Balears, the Canary Islands, Cote d'Azur, Sicily, Sardinia, Corse you name it! From July to October, we sailed the Cyclades, North Dodecanese and back via the Corinth channel to our all so known Ionian Sea.



Don't ask!


Stay tuned and find out what’s next.

We are not a Daedelus company

Ionian Breeze makes yacht charter easy!
  • Welcome aboard and thank you for choosing Ionian Breeze. We sail a lot and try to discover best bases, destinations, and fleet operators for you. Let's plan together, your next best sailing vacation!
    Eirini Tzima, CEO