Would she suit you and your crew?

Now that’s a really good question.


Sailing for the first time or made the mistake last time?


Whatever your case might be, there are several important factors you need to take into consideration that most people are not aware of or simply get confused with the offers they get.


To put things in perspective, size matters! More than you think actually.


In the name of cost people are often willing to settle for something less comfortable. That’s the mistake number one. A smaller room in a resort is ok, a smaller boat not.


People say in order to learn if you should marry someone you should sail with first. Obviously, there is a reason. A boat along with all the thrills and the beauty will offer you, will also force you by its nature, to stay in a very specific square meter area with other people for best case scenario a couple of hours in the middle of the sea. “That means stop the car I want to get off” doesn’t work here. For that reason it is absolutely necessary and essential to chose wisely your fellow sailors and the size of your yacht.


Our advice is always to keep your crew maximum up to 8 people depending on the yacht. The magic number is four. Two couples or a couple with their kids. Four is the number you will love. With three more around you and the crew or not, there is stillroom to breathe, space to lie, it is still easy to take decisions and enough to make it interesting. In that case less is more. Take our word for it, there will be times especially while sailing that you would wish to have just a square meter away from everybody else just for you and your thoughts.



Usual mistake number two.


“I will take this 50ft s/y because it’s cheaper than the other one .I found a great deal!” Let’s see why is that so? If we compare two yachts of the same age and length, why would they vary in prize up to easily 3-4.000 euro?


The answer you are looking for is simple. Quality, space, layout, equipment, overall condition.


These are the five major factors you should keep in mind that you gain or lose depending on your choice at the time. If you now put on one hand all the above and on the other a couple of hundred euro per person (let’s be frank, the same amount of euro you would easily spend on cocktails for a night out) which do you think would be the best deal?


We leave that up to you!