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A bareboat charter is an arrangement for the chartering or hiring of a ship or boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement; instead, the people who rent the vessel from the owner are responsible for taking care of such things.


Pros: Independency of itinerary, no reason to adjust or accept a third person around you.


Cons: As per definition you are responsible for everything. You are responsible for gathering the information, finding the proper yacht, organize your provisions, check the condition of the yacht, make sure no-one damages her, that the anchor is holding at all times, that the boat and crew are safe and happy at all times, that there is a berth to go to, that in case of emergency you are to deal with it or you know the right people to contact etc.


Skippered charter mean that the yacht is rented with a professional crew consisting of a skipper/captain who is responsible for the maneuvering of the yacht. In several cases the skipper is aided by other crew members as well. Skippered charter is normally used for larger yachts for which a skipper/captain with documented special nautical skills and experience is required.


Pros: The skipper is professional and fully responsible for maneuvering the yacht, experienced, recommended by the office, knows the how, when and why by experience, understands local waters, weather conditions and culture more than anyone else, he/she will take you to the best local bars, tavernas and bays, he/she will at all times take the burden of caring and assuring that both yacht and crew are safe and happy. He/she will make sure you will want to sail again with them.


Cons: You usually do not know your skipper before you arrive, sometimes your have to and want to; might not match, sometimes a language burrier might occur.


Crewed charter means the yacht comes with a crew. This can be anything from a 35-foot boat with a two-person team serving as captain and chef to a 300-foot boat with a squad of 30 or more crew members including stewardesses, engineers, mates, deckhands, scuba dive masters.


Pros: Where to start from? Let’s say you have the minimum crew possible that would be a skipper and a host(-ess). They will take care of it all before, during and after you depart. They will arrange your provisioning, your well being, your serenity, your safety and fun, your breakfast and lunch. They will work as a team to back up all needs, they will make sure your cockpit and galley are tidy, they will ask you if you want to learn sailing with them or you prefer just to sit back and enjoy, they will moor the boat without you even having to through a line, they will make sure you will have information on the coolest things to do and taste in the places you visit and they will arrange it all for you! Isn’t that what a man would ask from sailing? Keep the best part and let the professionals do what they know how to do best, and they like. Sharing their passion with you!


Cons: The cost. Some would say that paying for crew of two is too much. The people who already tried it think they should pay more.


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