A day onboard “My Way”

Your urge will say "I am up early, shall we leave now?"

A big bold no, is the answer.

a day onboardThe first mistake amateur sailors do is to rush things. Embrace new experience that you will face out at sea. Adjust, enjoy, live. What sailing teaches you the most is to learn how to be a well-adjusted individual? There is no reason to stress; Be open and allow yourself to learn from the new avenues you will face and experience along the way. Is no reason to plan sailing from A to B, the beauty lies within the trip itself, the destination is just one more place to be and if you like it that much, why not stay another day? Allow winds to take you to the next place to stay overnight and 90% of the times you will just love it! “My Way”’ crew is trained and experienced enough to come up with the ideal, adventurous onboard schedule.


Take your time to wake up, you are on vacation. Time is irrelevant here. Your hostess will adjust breakfast time to your liking and while you roll into bed, your hostess will be shopping for fresh veggies, bread and fruit to prepare your breakfast. Eat in peace, enjoy the morning breeze, and enjoy the aromas and allow our hostess to dazzle you with her gastronomy skills. Once you are fill and satisfied, take yourself for a swim in the glorious turquoise seas or on a walk to explore your new stunning surroundings or whatever it is you feel like doing on your sailing vaction.

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