No crew at the yacht?

We are always gonna be there for you!


Most commonly in average yacht lengths you will be requested (when not crewed charter) if you wish to have the service of a skipper, a hostess or a sailor. In yachting business these terms are analyzed as following.

SKIPPER (boating)

Skipper (boating), is the person who has command of a vessel. He/she will be responsible for you and the vessels safety throughout the whole journey. A skipper is obligatory if you do not possess a skippering license yourself or optional when you wish to share the load of the work/responsibility during your sailing vacation. Skipper's food needs to be available onboard during the day and his/her dinners out would also be arranged by the guests. Often guests invite the skipper to enjoy dinner with them or if privacy is needed offer an extra tip of about 20$ per night so the skipper can eat out as well.


Is the person who will arrange daily for your provisioning, breakfast and lunch preparations. He/she will also keep common areas tidy and help the skipper with mooring. The hostess in most cases is optional and people chose this service when they wish to completely relax and not care about provisions, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen and common areas. Hostesses should not be expected to do your beds or clean your cabins. Also asking a hostess to cook dinner for you instead of lunch is not a choice. Hostesses dinners out are provided exactly as skippers.

SAILOR (Deck man/ Deck woman).

In yachts over 60ft usually, a third person crew will be onboard the deck man/ deck woman. This person takes care of the deck, cleans, organizes the dinghy, the sails, assists the skipper, helps with moorings and works under the skipper’s guidance. Usually, in fully crewed yachts, the crew is not having dinners out with guests unless invited and the dinner costs are on their own expense. A tip at the end of the trip is customary but not obligatory.

Ionian Breeze experts can assist you finding the best crew for your group. We chose carefully among our crew partners to find people who can mingle with your group to provide an easy feeling on-board for all sides involved. After all you will be spending lots of time together, so why not finish your vacation with an addition of a new friend in your life?

Our skippers, hostesses and sailors, are of different nationalities, different mind sets and usually multi lingual. This allows us to match them with your exact needs. Last but not least, they are all professionals who have worked with us more than once and we address them based on the feedback of previous clients.